About Us

About Ideal Co.

The Ideal Company, Inc. was founded as F & M Contracting in 1960 by Ron Filbrun and partner Glen Miller. Starting as a general contractor, F & M build custom homes for five years before beginning to transition into the commercial building industry. By 1970, just five years later, more than three-quarters of our work was in commercial construction. Today, we are one of the nation’s most dependable commercial contractors with a diverse portfolio of construction and renovation projects nationwide.

Our Mission & Vision

At Ideal Co. our mission is to serve our clients’ construction needs safely and profitably while maintaining our longstanding reputation for quality, integrity, and client satisfaction.

We are committed to being a commercial construction contractor that is renowned nationwide for quality, integrity, and professional management while ensuring profitability and employee satisfaction.

Ideal Co. Key Personnel

A large portion of our success in commercial contracting over the years can be attributed to our unmatched officers, leadership, and other key team members. Meet our key personnel, listed below.

Randy Wombold Project Manager

Randy Wombold

Connie Trimble Administrative Assistant

Connie Trimble

Maggie Warner Administrative Assistant

Maggie Warner

Rick Thompson Project Superintendent

Rick Thompson

Marty Stutesman Project Superintendent

Marty Stutesman

Sam Smith Project Manager

Sam Smith

Fred Sink President

Fred Sink

Bill Sink Project Estimator

Bill Sink

Doug Shearer Controller

Doug Shearer

Wayne Rapp Accounting

Wayne Rapp

Randy Pentecost Project Manager

Randy Pentecost

Rob Mohler Project Superintendent

Rob Mohler

Lon Metzger Project Manager

Lon Metzger

Bruce Meador Accounting

Bruce Meador

Kevin Jamison Project Estimator

Kevin Jamison

Courtney Huffman Project Coordinator

Courtney Huffman

Eddie Gaines Project Superintendent

Eddie Gaines

Chico Florez Project Superintendent

Chico Florez

Kevin Filbrun Vice President

Kevin Filbrun

Kent Filbrun Vice President

Kent Filbrun

Ed Faber Project Superintendent

Ed Faber

Jim Dickey Project Estimator

Jim Dickey

Steve Deaton Project Estimator

Steve Deaton

Gary Boothe Project Estimator

Gary Boothe

Phil Brito Project Superintendent

Phil Brito

Todd Boone Project Superintendent

Todd Boone

Shelby Bilbrey Accounting

Shelby Bilbrey

Darlene Angle Administrative Assistant

Darlene Angle

Gary Atkinson Project Superintendent

Gary Atkinson


Our Diverse Client Base

In more than half a century of experience with commercial construction and remodeling projects throughout the United States, Ideal Co. has built an extensive base of satisfied clients. We have successfully served a vast array of industries, including hospitality, medical, foodservice, corporate, industrial, religious, financial, and many others. Click below to see a list of our past and current clients.

About Ideal Co., Inc.

The Ideal Company, Inc. is a renowned commercial contractor serving the building and construction management needs of our diverse nationwide client base with our trademark standards of quality, performance, and integrity.